This type of treatment is for children, teens and sometimes adults.


These treatments can also be used before braces or in parallel


They are used for improving the orofacial functions (swallowing, breathing, chewing, speaking, tongue function, etc.) and and reducing anterior-posterior or lateral space between the jaws.
These are removable appliances.


Preventive treatment using removable appliances for:


    • harmonising the dental arches
    • preventing the need to extract permanent teeth
    • correcting orofacial functions to enable them to develop favourably: swallowing, breathing, chewing, speaking and tongue function

Jaw growth is more harmonious, so that later, heavier treatments can be avoided.


Make an appointment for your child as early as age 4, for a check-up.


The temporomandibular joints (TMJ) are the joints of the jawbone.Pain, clicking, and muscular tensions can require treatment.

We offer dental splints that are usually worn on the lower teeth to prevent contact between the teeth and to regain a myocentric (relaxed) position of the jaw..

This releases muscle tension in the face, neck and back, and even in the body as a whole.

Posture analysis can supplement this treatment, because these dysfunctions can cause or be the consequence of disorders in other areas of the body.